Types of Massage

jacknobber imageTherapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Manual manipulation of the soft tissue is used to increase relaxation and to reduce stress. Longer gliding and kneading strokes to the muscle are generally used to remove metabolic waste and increase blood circulation. Minimum pressure is used to promote relaxation, but increased pressure may be requested for problem areas.

Deep Tissue Massagetissue image

massageThis method is used by the therapist to address the deeper muscle fibers that my be restricting movement and causing pain or discomfort. Deep tissue work can free the adhesions caused by tension, stress, over worked muscles and/or scar tissue. This type of massage can be very effective for chronic conditions.

sneaker imageSports Massage

Sports MassageIn addition to deep tissue work, stretching, joint movement and range of motion are involved. These all work together to keep the muscle free of tension and stress as well as keeping mobility in the joints for optimum performance. This helps to facilitate the process of building and maintaining the good health of the muscle tissue while increasing blood and lymph flow.

Corporate Chair Massage

Corporate Chair MassageTreat your employees to our Corporate Chair Massage. Contact us for rates and availability on this worthwhile benefit for you and your staff.

We also have various Corporate Discounts available. Inquire to learn more about what we have to offer you in this area.

Event Massage

Event MassageLet Natural Paths make your event special by offering our table or chair massage to your guests. We are available for sporting events, golf outings/tournament, business event, special party, or wedding shower.